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We like to think that our products and service are as good as you'll find anywhere, but don't just take our word for it! Here's a selection of reviews we've received from some of our happy customers.

Customer: Libby from St Ives  5 Stars

"This chart is amazing and the best purchase ever!! Within just 2 weeks my kids were in a calm and happy bedtime routines and we all get a full nights sleep. Rewarding with stars has done the trick and we have been giving them an extra treat too at the end of each successful week :-)))"

Customer: Sophie from Isle of Man  5 Stars

"My little girl didn't want to go to bed or stick to her routines and was calling out repeatedly after I had put her to bed and was waking me up during the night but this brilliant chart has changed all of that - being clear what was expected of her each night in picture form and then rewarding her for positive behaviour with stars did the trick - highly recommended."

Customer: Dawn from Ambleside  5 Stars

"This is a god send !!! My 4 yr old daughter loves it ! It was almost like it was made for her. The pictures make it easy for her to understand and she does it all herself now every night , I can't believe how well it has worked for us, I can highly recommend it"

Customer: Samantha from Chelmsford  5 Stars

"Worked really well for our 5 year old. Wasn't optimistic but turns out, she loves the smiley stars and was enjoying the routines and going to bed willingly from the first time we introduced it. Fast Delivery too - thank you"

Customer: Annette from Swadlincote  5 Stars

"We moved our daughter into her new 'big girl' room last week. She'd never been good at going to sleep all by herself and always moaned when it was time for bed and brush teeth, but we've not really had a moan since introducing this chart!! It's amazing what they'll do to see a smiling star and the promise of an extra special treat when she completes the chart!"

Customer: Debbie from Buxton  5 Stars

"This is a must for any parent with children! Its so colourful. I am a childminder, and the kids love it. It is stuck onto the side of a tall unit, and they measure their selves every week! Fast delivery too :-)"

Customer: Danesh from St. Ives  5 Stars

"With the aim of getting the kids to do better at little chores I bought this very cute animal star chart. It has caused many smiles in the house and is a fun way of working up small goals into getting bigger jobs done. All in all I'd recommend this for all ages. It's wipe clean so can be used for any tasks, there a pen holder so the pen stays safe with the chart, the whole thing fits with magnets on the fridge door. Well designed and lots of fun."

Customer: Savannah from Essex  5 Stars

"This dinosaur is fab for encouraging good behaviour. It works well with my 3 year old, he loves getting stickers and rewards when he’s been good. Would definitely recommend this chart and super fast delivery. Thanks"

Customer: Denise from Southport  5 Stars

"The chart is great for encouraging good behaviour. It works great with my 5 year old, she loves getting stickers and rewards when she's been good. Stickers included a major bonus! Would definitely recommend this chart and super fast delivery. Thanks"

Customer: Jade from London  5 Stars

"My daughter loves this chart and its so easy to hang up or use the magnets on the back to stick to the fridge. Makes a nice change to get a reward chart that includes pen and stickers to save buying all separately, excellent quality and fast delivery - thanks so much"