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Time Out Mat (the original and the best)
Time Out Mat (the original and the best) Time Out Mat (the original and the best) Time Out Mat (the original and the best) Time Out Mat (the original and the best)
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Time Out Mat (the original and the best)

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Time Out Mat (the original and the best)
Award winning Time Out Mat teaches children to think before acting/reacting, enabling them to learn how to take a minute to make good choices. 
Teaches acceptable social behavior, instilling manners and values anytime, anywhere.
Providing a parenting plan allowing the adult to remain calm, cool and collected.
Teaches sharing, when children fight over a toy, place toy on Time Out Mat until they agree to share.
Time Out Mat is totally portable and fits into any purse, bag or pocket.
It is durable and waterproof, providing a clean dry spot and flexible place anywhere, stair, chair, car seat, shopping trolley and comes with a small tote bag for carrying.
Both the Time Out Mat and tote bag are machine washable.
Circular 20" rubber mat with fabric top
Consistency is Key
Time Out Mat Guidelines Here

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Laura from Essex   5 Stars
Bought 2 of these mats so have one in house & one for out & about. Seem good quality & arrived promptly. I like the fact tha t they are waterproof so can be put down wherever you are & can e used in the garden. Hopefully these will help me manage my daughters behaviour more successfully.

Reviewer: Allison Parry from Merseyside   5 Stars
neat idea! Well packaged with handy draw string bag too for storage. Clear and simple guidelines to be honest only used once – I would have found this item really useful for my eldest child during her toddler/pre-school days! I was surprised how well it worked – my daughter sat on when asked for the time requested – it helped stop the bad behaviour. It's especially useful for younger kids – you can't really punish by stopping pocket money etc. We would use this mat at home in the dinning room. If I'd had it for previous children I'd have taken it to Grandparents. Practical and durable. Also washable. If successful with dealing with your child's behaviour then well worth the money. I will certainly purchase if I plan to have another child. Already recommended. A simple, yet practical item. It's an effective way of dealing with bad behaviour – you can choose where to place mat and keep an eye on child's safety. I was surprised how well it worked (fortunately I only had to use it the once) and would have really appreciated this 6 years ago!

Reviewer: Elaine Cadogan from Worthing   5 Stars
Robust, portable, brightly coloured. Comes with Useful carry pouch. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. We would use this product consistently. It helped us highlight areas of behaviour that were unacceptable. We found this mat a very effective form of punishment for unacceptable behaviour. We used this in the house wherever we were and out in others homes, but not out in public. Used for timeout with tantrums, or after 3 warnings about unacceptable behaviour. We took the mat with us when visiting friends and family. Very good quality product and good value for money. Would definitely purchase this item and recommend without hesitation. Gives you a consistent method of managing unacceptable behaviour.

Reviewer: Sarah from Kent   5 Stars
Brilliant. My daughter has reacted in a really positive way. I don't even have to use it that much now. If she's ever naughty I pick the bag up and warn her that if she doesn't stop and say sorry she'll go on the mat. Most times she stops straight away. Best purchase I've made for a long time.

Reviewer: Canadian Times from Press   5 Stars
If necessity is indeed the mother of invention, two inventive mothers have figured how to cash in on their needs by creating products kids should sit on for their own good. Take the Take-Out-Time-Out portable disciplinary mat, created by Florida mom Lisa Carvajal when her older son hit the so-called "terrible 2s." Part bull's eye of shame, part politically correct punitive measure, TOTO is for time-crunched parents who need an instant time-out for their misbehaving kids. Simply drop the 20-inch rubber mat at the scene of the crime at home or fold it and tote it for those grocery-store meltdowns and other away tantrums. It's also machine washable, so it takes a licking and keeps on disciplining

Reviewer: Asbury Park Press from    5 Stars
Portable discipline Effectively manage child behavior when you're on the go with Take-Out-Time-Out. The portable ""time-out" circular mat has a fabric top, is machine washable and can fit into most purses.

Reviewer: from website   5 Stars
Portable Parent Pack: Parenting toddlers and preschoolers can be a trying time. Luckily, there are some fantastic new products on the market that make life just a little easier and more convenient for traveling moms and dads.

Reviewer: Mel B from Closer Magazine   5 Stars
I've found an inspired way to stop toddler tantrums! it's a naughty spot made of fabric. You can carry it anywhere, so if your little one is playing up, you throw it down on the floor and they have to sit on it! Genius!

Reviewer: Busy Mother from NYC   5 Stars
At first my strong willed daughter resisted sitting on the TOTO mat and demanded only going to her princess chair for time out. I let it go the first time but then one evening after running in the door from work, trying to get dinner on the table, manage making lunch for the next day and beginning the nightime routine, she began acting out, I told her that she had to have a time out on TOTO and she said NO, so, instead of fighting with her more, I simply placed the TOTO mat on the princess chair and she sat. Now TOTO is her recognized time out location and I can be consistent."

Reviewer: Reviewer from IParenting Awards   5 Stars
What are the positive characteristic of this product? I like that the product is a portable system to ensure consistency in a Time-Out discipline plan. It can be used at home or away and a child will know that a Time-Out can still happen even when they are out. It folds up easily to take along with you and is made of an easy to clean material. I like the suggestion that it can be used for toy time outs as well to help encourage sharing.

Reviewer: Michelle from MD   5 Stars
Thankfully I don't have to use TOTO too often because my son minds pretty well, but he certainly knows what TOTO is and what time out means. If he has done something bad, he'll go over to the mat and say "time out Mommie?" Having the mat has made disciplining consistent and easier!

Reviewer: Jackie from FL   5 Stars
I finally have a time-out spot. I use it mostly in the house and I use it everyday.

Reviewer: Michelle from GA   5 Stars
Take Out Time Out is great! Now I am consistent with my disciplining. My son is behaving much better now. He knows that I always have the mat. I keep one mat at home and one in my bag for on the go needs. Mother of a 3 year old boy

Reviewer: Heather from FL   5 Stars
I use the Take Out Time Out mats everyday. I now have a disciplining method that works. I have been telling all of my friends about it. They love it too. " Mother of two ages 3 and 7