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What is the Time Out technique?

The famous Supernanny series demonstrated a time-out method on her show. The time out method helps parents stop unacceptable behaviour. Below is our interpretation of the method.The time-out method is the most common, effective and successful discipline method used by parents, teachers and carers.
  1. Take child to Time-Out area, e.g. seat, mat
  2. Get down to your child's level and explain why he or she has been removed to the "time-out" area
  3. Explain to your child that they are to stay there for one minute for every year of their age. (If they leave early they are returned and the time starts again)
  4. Return once the time is up and ask them for an apology and a hug!
The Time Out Mat is the perfect solution to consistently manage child behaviour at home and on the go. The time out method has been used for generations. It is the modern version of the corner or go to your room.

Parenting experts strongly stress the importance of using a consistent time out location. Since the modern day parent is always on the go, shopping, playground, restaurant, holidays etc. It is nearly impossible to be consistent. Non-consistent or improper use of the method is very common and can lead to great frustration for both the parent and child. It becomes frustrating for the parent due to lack of results.

The child simply needs consistency. With the Time Out Mat and or similar products parents can be consistent and the success will be apparent.